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My name is Felix. I am a mechanical Engineer. I have studied at the ETH in Zurich where I made my diploma in Controls Engineering in 1973.

In 1980 I joined a company named Vibro-Meter in Fribourg CH where I was leading the development of piezoelectric sensors. Later I became a member of the management team and Vibro-Meter became Meggitt SA. Throughout my professional career I worked in the development of measuring systems and particularly on sensors. I retired in April 2015.

Thinking back at my professional life I remember that I met a lot people working on our products who often didn't have a lot of background on the subject. Certainly not because they were not interested but more due to the lack of chance to learn about. I always found this a pity and it became the motivation to establish this course on piezoelectric accelerometers. I hope a lot of people will read it and start to see their daily work in a new context.



References of pictures, clip-arts and backgrouds that I used for this web site:

Free Images - Pixabay

Frits Ahlefeldt

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for translations: DeepL

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