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The goal of this tutorial is to pass on the basic knowledge about piezoelectric accelero...


Understanding of Piezoelectric Vibration Sensors in 5 chapters

Ther are two paths leading trough all chapters.

The  green path  (=easy path) is recommended if you are not an engineer or a technician,

while the  yellow path  presumes some basic technical knowledge.

The first chapter starts with a look into some basic physics of motion to allow for....

What is electric charge? Here you will find an answer. The piezo effect is....

The basic physical function and a video showing the step by step assembly procedure....


Accelerometer Properties

Comming soon.

Still under construction

Disturbing Factors

Still under construction


Profit from this Tutorial

         by following the indicated path leading logically trough all subjects.

This course is particularly thought for persons who do not have a technical background. Nevertheless to understand the subject we will need to look in some physics. I tried my best to make the explanations as easy as possible.

You don't need to remember everything but try to work yourself along the indicated path.

If you don't have a distinct technical background the green path is perfect for you. It is leading logically trough all subjects and touching a basic level of understanding.

To navigate along the green path just use the green  CONTINUE   buttons.

In some places there is a yellow path going to some deeper level. If green is "cold coffee" for you then the yellow path and red pages might be more suitable for you.

Just follow the yellow  CONTINUE  buttons.

The red pages contain some more mathematical information.

Just use the   RED PAGE   button.

Under this sign              you will find additional information.

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